Hungary vs Turkey prediction and betting tips on March 22, 2024

Tournament Friendly International
Venue Groupama Arena (Budapest)
Game time 22 mar 2024, 15:45
Hungary vs Turkey prediction and betting tips on March 22, 2024
Hungary 1 : 0 Turkiye
W1 2.35
1 41% X 28% 2 31%
1 2.35 1xbet 22 Mar 17:40 2.35 +0.01 22 Mar 15:00 2.34 -0.02 22 Mar 05:01 2.36 +0.02 21 Mar 22:01 2.34 +0.02 21 Mar 21:01 2.32 +0.05 20 Mar 20:05 2.27 -0.04 20 Mar 12:00 2.31 +0.09 19 Mar 20:05 2.22 -0.05 X 3.37 1xbet 22 Mar 17:40 3.37 +0.02 22 Mar 15:00 3.35 +0.03 22 Mar 13:01 3.32 +0.07 22 Mar 10:02 3.25 +0.03 22 Mar 05:01 3.22 -0.06 21 Mar 22:01 3.28 -0.04 21 Mar 21:01 3.32 +0.04 20 Mar 20:05 3.28 -0.02 20 Mar 12:00 3.3 +0.05 2 3.08 1xbet 22 Mar 17:40 3.08 +0.13 22 Mar 13:01 2.95 -0.05 22 Mar 10:02 3 -0.02 22 Mar 05:01 3.02 +0.02 21 Mar 21:01 3 -0.13 20 Mar 20:05 3.13 +0.09 20 Mar 12:00 3.04 -0.22 19 Mar 20:05 3.26 +0.06

Game Prediction

Game Prediction W1(0)
Odds: 1.6

While the contenders for the final Euro places will be battling it out in the 1st round of the play-offs on Thursday, their luckier “colleagues” have largely shifted their friendly matches to the following day. On Friday, there will also be a friendly confrontation between Hungary and Turkey. What can the fans expect in Budapest? The editorial board has published an announcement and a prediction for the game on March 22, 2024.

Hungary is going to the third such tournament in a row

“The Magyars”, curiously, continue to miss out the World Championships. They also did not go to Qatar, losing in the play-offs. Nevertheless, the team is pretty good in other formats. For instance, they would have won the group in the Nations League, where the team made it to the League A (if it weren’t for the misfire in the end). Speaking about the Euro 2016, it appeared there and reached the 1/8 stage. Next time, there was no such success, but the Hungarians gave battle to all the giants, both the Portuguese and the French, and the Germans, who only made it to the play-offs in the very end, putting the finishing touches on the outsider, in the so-called group of death. As for the current qualification, Marco Rossi’s wards won the group.

Turkey has qualified for the championship ahead of schedule, although it replaced its coach in the autumn

“The Janissaries” were at the previous Euro, but they lost to everyone there. Kuntz headed the team soon after that, and there were no special questions about the work of the German specialist. At the same time, he didn’t fully achieve his goals: he didn’t take his players to the World Cup, having been eliminated in the play-offs; and not everything worked out in the new qualification to the very moment when the team barely escaped defeat to the Armenians at the home arena. As a result, a new mentor, Montella, made his debut in October and immediately won on the field of Croatia. The misfires of the competitors gave an opportunity for “the Aeroplane” and its new players to enter the Euro ahead of schedule. Finally, the team did not lose on the away field in the struggle with Wales and defeated the Germans, albeit in a friendly format.

Previous head-to-head matches

It is remarkable to mention an exciting statistic: at first, “the Janissaries” got 10 out of 11 possible points in the head-to-head duels at the end of the previous century and at the beginning of the current one. Still, then “the Magyars” achieved the same result.

Free prediction for the match Hungary vs Turkey on March 22:

“The Janissaries” will play on the away field and, even in a friendly match, can hardly aim for success. We bet on the hosts to win with “a 0 goal handicap” (odd: 1.6).

Game Prediction W1(0)
Odds: 1.6
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