Famalicao vs Boavista prediction and betting tips on March 4, 2024

Tournament Primeira Liga Portugal
Venue Municipal 22 de Junho (Vila Nova de Famalicao)
Game time 04 mar 2024, 15:15
Famalicao vs Boavista prediction and betting tips on March 4, 2024
Famalicao 1 : 1 Boavista
W1 2.16
1 44% X 31% 2 25%
1 2.16 1xbet 04 Mar 17:15 2.16 +0.1 04 Mar 15:01 2.06 +0.1 04 Mar 14:01 1.96 -0.02 04 Mar 09:02 1.98 +0.02 04 Mar 08:02 1.96 +0.04 03 Mar 21:02 1.92 -0.05 28 Feb 19:12 1.97 -0.05 X 3.17 1xbet 04 Mar 17:15 3.17 -0.18 04 Mar 15:01 3.35 -0.07 04 Mar 14:01 3.42 -0.02 04 Mar 08:02 3.44 -0.06 03 Mar 20:02 3.5 -0.04 28 Feb 19:12 3.54 +0.04 2 3.95 1xbet 04 Mar 17:15 3.95 +0.21 04 Mar 15:01 3.74 -0.28 04 Mar 14:01 4.02 +0.12 04 Mar 09:02 3.9 -0.13 04 Mar 08:02 4.03 -0.07 03 Mar 21:02 4.1 +0.16 03 Mar 20:02 3.94 +0.12 28 Feb 19:12 3.82 +0.12

Game Prediction

Game Prediction Win Famalicao
Odds: 1.95

Monday will be a time of sharp slowdown in club football. Still, there is a reason to pay attention to lower-rated national tournaments. The Portuguese Primeira will just finish the round at this time. Boavista will come to visit Famalicao later than everyone else. The journalists of the website have made a prediction for the confrontation on March 4, 2024.

Famalicao no longer fights for anything special

“Villa Nova” returned to the Primeira several years ago, not without ambition. Even the owners of Atlético became interested in the project, having got almost a third of the club’s shares. And even now the majority investor is Israeli billionaire Ofer. One way or another, the club became just a middle peasant of the Primeira. Speaking about the previous season, the team took 8th place there, and now it can repeat only that result. Taking into account a 2-3 score in the battle against Arouca in the previous round, the advantage over the relegation zone is 4 points now – there is no need to be nervous, but it can’t get too complacent either.

Boavista has lost ground this season

“The Panthers” are now noticeably worse than in the previous season, which, by the way, was also habitually mediocre for the team. Then was it at least possible to finish at the top of the final standings, in 9th position. Nowadays, the advantage over the outsiders has narrowed to just a couple of points. And the team managed to improve the performance after the defeats in January: it took a draw on the field of Casa Pia and won at Estoril’s arena. Still, then Chaves, even being in the minority in the home confrontation, coped with the guests. Moreover, Braga was able to beat its opponent with a 4-0 score, once again dampening any expectations on the part of its loyal fans. It is reasonable to mention that there are only 2 points to the relegation zone and points 3 to Chaves, which is in the penultimate place.

Previous head-to-head matches

Speaking about the previous cycle, “Villa Nova” won both matches. And as for this year, it took a 2-2 draw on the opponent’s field.

Free prediction for the match Famalicao vs Boavista on March 4:

The following battle is not about the strength of the hosts, but about the guests, who are very weak. We bet that the hosts will be able to win in this match (odd: 1.95).

Game Prediction Win Famalicao
Odds: 1.95
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Game Prediction
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