Emirates Club vs Bani Yas predictionand betting tips on March 28, 2024

Tournament Pro League UAE
Game time 28 mar 2024, 14:00
Emirates Club 1 : 2 Bani Yas
W2 1.95
1 28% X 24% 2 48%
1 3.38 1xbet 28 Mar 15:57 3.38 -0.05 28 Mar 11:01 3.43 +0.17 28 Mar 10:01 3.26 +0.08 28 Mar 06:01 3.18 -0.12 27 Mar 02:01 3.3 +0.08 X 3.83 1xbet 28 Mar 15:57 3.83 -0.09 28 Mar 11:01 3.92 +0.17 28 Mar 06:01 3.75 -0.03 2 1.95 1xbet 28 Mar 15:57 1.95 +0.07 28 Mar 11:01 1.88 -0.1 28 Mar 10:01 1.98 -0.03 28 Mar 06:01 2.01 +0.05 27 Mar 02:01 1.96 -0.03

Game Prediction

Game Prediction Total under 3.5
Odds: 1.6

The national teams put an end to the current “FIFA window” on Tuesday. Still, the “club” tournaments will resume no earlier than Friday, but mostly on Saturday, in Europe. For instance, there will be a reason to pay attention to the Arab Gulf League (the top division of the UAE) on Thursday. Emirates Club and Bani Yas will be among the first to compete there. Which one is stronger now? The experts of the website have made a prediction for this match on March 28, 2024.

Emirates Club risks losing its “registration” in the top division of the Emirates

“The Falcons” were able to take the national cup and the Super Cup in 2010. And thanks to this, they even played in the Asian Champions League. At the same time, the so-called “registration” in the top division was lost. Repeatedly, the team had to continue playing in the second league, including in 2019-2021, and then, having returned, it was immediately relegated. Speaking about the previous season, the club was promoted again, albeit from 2nd place. Realizing that it would be difficult to “survive,” the club’s management called Zenga to the coaching position and Alcácer and Iniesta to the squad. Still, the newcomer is weak, and, after a hopeless start, there were continuous defeats. And only Khor Fakkan was beaten – 2-1.

Bani Yas is again not particularly impressive

“The Sky Blues” are generally considered to be regulars in the middle of the UAE elite division. And they spent only the cycles of 2017/2018 in the second league of the country, but immediately returned to the top. The club even managed to become the vice-champion of the Emirates in 2021, but that was an exception. It fell back to 9th place immediately after this, and even to 11th place in the previous draw. And there is no reason to expect that Darko Milanic’s wards will suddenly improve their performance. On the contrary, if at first they got the points, then there were almost constant defeats; as a result, a 2-1 success in the home battle against Al-Ittihad, when playing in the majority, looks more and more clearly like a one-time exception.

Previous head-to-head matches

Taking into account 8 previous matches, “the Sky Blues” won 3 times and “the Falcons” won once. All other meetings, including 2 previous ones, resulted in draws.

Free prediction for the match Emirates Club vs Bani Yas on March 28:

The odds are loyal to the guests, but they are not impressive either. It is better to use a bet on “total: under 3.5” (odd: 1.6).

Game Prediction Total under 3.5
Odds: 1.6
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Game Prediction
Total under 3.5
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