Catanzaro vs Lecco prediction and betting tips on January 12, 2024

Tournament Serie B Italy
Venue Stadio Nicola Ceravolo (Catanzaro)
Game time 12 jan 2024, 14:30
Catanzaro vs Lecco prediction and betting tips on January 12, 2024
Catanzaro 5 : 3 Lecco
W1 1.73
1 54% X 27% 2 19%
1 1.73 1xbet 12 Jan 16:34 1.73 -0.07 12 Jan 14:00 1.8 -0.03 12 Jan 03:00 1.83 +0.03 11 Jan 07:01 1.8 +0.02 11 Jan 01:01 1.78 -0.06 09 Jan 19:02 1.84 +0.02 X 3.55 1xbet 12 Jan 16:34 3.55 -0.07 12 Jan 03:00 3.62 -0.02 11 Jan 07:01 3.64 -0.08 11 Jan 01:01 3.72 +0.07 09 Jan 19:02 3.65 -0.03 2 5.07 1xbet 12 Jan 16:34 5.07 +0.63 12 Jan 14:00 4.44 +0.19 12 Jan 03:00 4.25 -0.15 11 Jan 01:01 4.4 +0.23 09 Jan 19:02 4.17 -0.04

Game Prediction

Game Prediction Total under 2,5
Odds: 1.85

Italy has kicked off this calendar year with great activity. However, on Friday, the top clubs will have a break, and the teams in Serie B will be in action, where a relatively unknown pair from Catanzaro and Lecco will start the round. Specialists have taken a closer look at them and prepared an exclusive forecast for the audience of the site for the match on January 12, 2024.

Catanzaro - a newcomer to the country's second division.

The "Southern Eagles" were once finalists in the cup and stayed in Serie A for five consecutive years. However, they bid farewell to it definitively in 1983. In the early 2000s, the club underwent two "restructurings," essentially bankruptcies with subsequent restarts. Not surprisingly, it wasn't until 2023 that they managed to return to Serie B. The start was unexpectedly successful, with 10 points in the first four rounds. Later, however, it turned out that the team was experiencing ups and downs, alternating between rises and falls. In the last games in the second half of December, they suffered three consecutive defeats.

Lecco has achieved less after promotion.

The "White and Blues" have played in Serie A only a few times in their more than 110-year history, mainly in the 1960s. Not long ago, the club was at an amateur level, but it was bought by Di Nunno in 2017. He became known for arguing with referees on the field and riding an electric scooter across the pitch after that. However, at that time, his creation was already actively participating in the promotion playoffs for a place in the second division and ultimately succeeded. As a newcomer in Serie B, it's challenging, but they don't look hopeless. With 5 wins (including a 2-1 victory over Südtirol just before the New Year) and draws, accumulating 20 points in 19 matches, the team shares 15-16th place, currently in contention to stay in the division if they continue in the same vein.

Previous matches:

In the third division, the teams played in different groups. They first met in September, and the "Southern Eagles" won 4-3 away.

Free prediction for the Catanzaro - Lecco match on January 12:

The hosts are considered favorites, but they are currently toothless, as are the guests. It makes sense to bet on "total under 2.5 goals" (odds - 1.85).

Game Prediction Total under 2,5
Odds: 1.85
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Game Prediction
Total under 2,5
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