Atalanta vs Verona prediction and betting tips on April 15, 2024

Tournament Serie A Italy
Venue Gewiss Stadium (Bergamo)
Game time 15 apr 2024, 14:45
Atalanta vs Verona prediction and betting tips on April 15, 2024
Atalanta 2 : 2 Verona
W1 1.46
1 66% X 20% 2 14%
1 1.46 1xbet 15 Apr 16:41 1.46 -0.08 15 Apr 14:02 1.54 +0.02 15 Apr 13:01 1.52 +0.02 15 Apr 12:01 1.5 -0.01 15 Apr 03:01 1.51 -0.01 14 Apr 14:03 1.52 +0.02 X 4.82 1xbet 15 Apr 16:41 4.82 +0.16 15 Apr 14:02 4.66 -0.05 15 Apr 13:01 4.71 -0.11 15 Apr 12:01 4.82 +0.11 14 Apr 14:03 4.71 -0.11 2 7.1 1xbet 15 Apr 16:41 7.1 +0.53 15 Apr 14:02 6.57 -0.26 15 Apr 13:01 6.83 -0.21 15 Apr 03:01 7.04 +0.21 14 Apr 14:03 6.83 -0.36

Game Prediction

Game Prediction W1(-1`)
Odds: 1.727

The round of some top championships in the Old World will close at the end of the weekend. Only one meeting was left for Monday in the others. And only Italy saved a couple of games for last. It goes without saying that the fans expect more from the duel between Fiorentina and Genoa. Still, the guests from Verona will also try to trip up Atalanta. Does the outsider have a chance to grab the points in Bergamo? The website contains a prediction for the confrontation on April 15, 2024.

Atalanta plays almost without pauses

“The Bergamascs” started this month with a cup semi-final against Fiorentina. They lost that match with a 0-1 score in Florence, but this does not look like a death sentence – the return match will be played on the native field. And the Italian club faced off against Liverpool the next mid-week, already in the Europa League. The battle against the British grandee turned out unexpectedly well; the opponent was defeated with a 3-0 result at Anfield. At the same time, there are too many misfires in the Serie A to hope to return to the top quartet. And a 1-2 score in the struggle with Cagliari makes the team think how not to fall out of the European tournament zone.

Verona is fighting for survival again

“The Mastiffs” were even national champions at one time. Generally speaking, this is a rather modest team, which was able to get rid of the stigma of the so-called “football lift” and gained a foothold in the Serie A only under the leadership of Jurić. Still, Ivan moved to Torino a few years later and the club had to fight for survival with all his successors. Speaking about the previous season, only a successful “spareggio” with Spezia saved the situation. Baroni was lured from Lecce to improve the performance. Even being under the rule of Marco, the team manage to “shoot” sporadically, remaining under the threat of relegation to the Serie B. Moreover, it failed to win against Cagliari – that draw resulted only in 1-point dominance over Frosinone, which is in “relegated” 18th place. As for the previous round, the team, having quickly opened the score, ended up losing to Genoa at the native arena – 1-2.

Previous head-to-head matches

All 3 previous head-to-head matches were won by “the Bergamascs”.

Free prediction for the match Atalanta vs Verona on April 15:

“The Goddess” should be inspired by a successful voyage to the Foggy Albion. This success must be followed by a home victory in the battle against the fighter for survival with “a -1.0 goal handicap” (odd: 1.727).

Game Prediction W1(-1`)
Odds: 1.727
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