Al-Nasr Dubai vs Hatta prediction and betting tips on March 28, 2024

Tournament Pro League UAE
Game time 28 mar 2024, 14:00
Al-Nasr SC 1 : 0 Hatta
W1 1.24
1 76% X 14% 2 10%
1 1.24 1xbet 28 Mar 15:57 1.24 -0.05 28 Mar 13:01 1.29 -0.05 28 Mar 12:02 1.34 -0.01 28 Mar 10:01 1.35 -0.03 28 Mar 07:01 1.38 -0.02 X 6.58 1xbet 28 Mar 15:57 6.58 +0.73 28 Mar 13:01 5.85 +0.4 28 Mar 12:02 5.45 +0.05 28 Mar 10:01 5.4 +0.15 28 Mar 07:01 5.25 +0.1 2 9.12 1xbet 28 Mar 15:57 9.12 +1.62 28 Mar 13:01 7.5 +0.8 28 Mar 12:02 6.7 +0.15 28 Mar 10:01 6.55 +0.45 28 Mar 07:01 6.1 +0.2

Game Prediction

Game Prediction W1(-1.5)
Odds: 1.98

There will be minimal football action on Thursday. As a result, there will be almost no alternatives to the UAE Pro League, at least in the Old World. Al-Nasr and Hatta will play there this evening in Dubai. Will the hosts be able to secure a landslide victory against one of the weakest participants in the division? The analytical department of the website has developed a prediction for the game on March 28, 2024.

Al-Nasr Dubai remains in the middle of local football

“The Blue Wave” was the champion of the United Arab Emirates. Moreover, it happened 3 times (all the sets of gold medals were taken from 1978-1986). Then there were the trophies, but only in the cup format, with a gradual loss of positions in the championship. Not long ago, there was a good chance to “shoot” in 2021, but the team took 2nd place in the Pro League and ended up losing in the cup final. For comparison, the previous season brought 9th place. It didn’t want to put up with this and, it was not for nothing that Schroeder appeared in the coaching position, and the squad was strengthened by Gabbiadini and Taarabt. Still, the team is not even in the top 6, although it has won 4 of 6 previous rounds. Finally, it, being in the minority, played a 2-2 draw on the field of Al-Sharjah.

Hatta is at the bottom of the standings

“The Tornado” spent both previous seasons, like many other ones, in the second division of the country. Still, it managed to win there and rise to the elite division in 2023. It is clear that Fabio Viviani and his wards were given the task of clinging to survival at the highest level, but Alexander Merkel (not so long ago he played in Milan...) and the company are failing it. They were eliminated from the cup tournament; speaking about the championship, the newcomer got 1 win and a measly number of 5 points in a dozen and a half matches. Moreover, the previous rounds brought, almost without exception, only defeats.

Previous head-to-head matches

“The Tornado” hasn’t won since 2017. And all 6 previous head-to-head matches always ended in victories for “the Blue Wave”.

Free prediction for the match Al-Nasr Dubai vs Hatta on March 28:

The following battle is not about the strength of the hosts, but about the guests, who are extremely weak. We bet on the victory of “the Blue Wave” with “a -1.5 goal handicap” (odd: 1.98).

Game Prediction W1(-1.5)
Odds: 1.98
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Game Prediction
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