Liverpool vs Sheffield United prediction and betting tips on April 4, 2024

Tournament Premier League England
Venue Anfield (Liverpool)
Game time 04 apr 2024, 14:30
Liverpool vs Sheffield United prediction and betting tips on April 4, 2024
Liverpool 3 : 1 Sheffield United
W1 1.08
1 90% X 6% 2 4%
1 1.08 1xbet 04 Apr 16:30 1.08 -0.01 04 Apr 14:01 1.09 -0.01 04 Apr 07:00 1.1 +0.01 04 Apr 03:00 1.09 +0.01 03 Apr 21:00 1.08 -0.01 03 Apr 14:00 1.09 -0.01 X 16.6 1xbet 04 Apr 16:30 16.6 +1.6 04 Apr 14:01 15 +1.1 04 Apr 10:01 13.9 -0.7 04 Apr 07:00 14.6 -0.9 04 Apr 03:00 15.5 -0.5 03 Apr 21:00 16 +1 03 Apr 14:00 15 +0.7 02 Apr 12:00 14.3 +0.3 02 Apr 04:00 14 +0.5 2 23 1xbet 04 Apr 16:30 23 -7 04 Apr 14:01 30 +3 04 Apr 10:01 27 -2 04 Apr 07:00 29 -2 04 Apr 03:00 31 -2 03 Apr 21:00 33 +3 03 Apr 14:00 30 +1 02 Apr 12:00 29 +1 02 Apr 04:00 28 +1 31 Mar 20:06 27 -1

Game prediction

Game prediction Both teams to score - Yes
Odds: 1

An “extraordinary” round of the Premier League will be held in England, starting from Tuesday this week. At the same time, the organizers moved several couples, with the participation of grandees, to Thursday. Thus, in Liverpool, the top club of the same name will host Sheffield United. Is the division outsider capable of a surprise? The analytical department of the website has made a prediction for the match on April 4, 2024.

Liverpool will try to say goodbye to Klopp with maximum honours

“The Reds” have already won the trophy this year. It was not easy – Chelsea was put under pressure only by van Dijk, who came to the standard already in extra time, and it is reasonable to mention that Kelleher had saved the game before that. One way or another, who will remember those facts later – and a 1-0 result was converted into the League Cup trophy. Generally speaking, “the Merseysiders” intended to finally take the “quadruple” with Jurgen, but Manchester United has already interfered, knocking out their old opponent in the quarter-finals of the FA Cup. There is no doubt that the struggle in the Europa League will continue – the battle at a 1/4 stage with Atalanta will be in a week. Still, it goes without saying that the priority is the Premier League (there is a chance to become a champion after finishing the previous season in 5th position). At the very least, a win over Brighton combined with a draw in the confrontation of their competitors allows the team to take the lead.

Sheffield United counts down the days until their official farewell to the Premier League

“The Blades”, being under the rule of Wilder and having made it out of the Championship last time, played well in the first season, however, they were relegated after the second one. As a result, it is not surprising that this time Chris, for whose return the management had removed Heckingbottom, who was working well, but not at the Premier League level, was seen as a saviour. However, the new coach couldn’t cope and didn’t change the situation: the newcomer to the division together with its “colleague”, Burnley, constantly came to the bottom of the standings, and only argued for the right to be relegated from at least 19th place. At the same time, the team periodically took away points in some games. As for the battle against Fulham, the club led with a 1-0 score and then with a 3-1 result, but ended in a draw.

Previous head-to-head matches

The last time “the Blades” didn’t even lose was in 2006. Then there were a few games (6), but “the Merseysiders” invariably won them all, including a 2-0 success in December.

Free prediction for the match Liverpool vs Sheffield United on April 4:

A simple victory for “the Reds” is being waited. Still, it is worth remembering that they know how to create challenges for themselves – thus, it is worth having a closer look at the bet on “both teams to score: yes” (odd: 1.95).

Game prediction Both teams to score - Yes
Odds: 1
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Game prediction
Both teams to score - Yes
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