El Gouna vs ENPPI prediction and betting tips on December 25, 2023

Tournament Premier League Egypt
Game time 25 dec 2023, 09:00
El Gouna vs ENPPI prediction and betting tips on December 25, 2023
El Gouna FC 1 : 2 ENPPI
W1 2.64
1 35% X 34% 2 31%
1 2.64 1xbet 25 Dec 09:00 2.64 +0.16 25 Dec 06:00 2.48 +0.06 25 Dec 01:00 2.42 +0.05 24 Dec 13:00 2.37 +0.12 24 Dec 07:00 2.25 +0.06 X 2.77 1xbet 25 Dec 09:00 2.77 -0.07 25 Dec 06:00 2.84 -0.01 25 Dec 01:00 2.85 -0.01 24 Dec 13:00 2.86 -0.29 24 Dec 07:00 3.15 -0.03 24 Dec 01:00 3.18 -0.02 2 3.02 1xbet 25 Dec 09:00 3.02 -0.2 25 Dec 06:00 3.22 -0.08 25 Dec 01:00 3.3 -0.08 24 Dec 13:00 3.38 +0.11 24 Dec 07:00 3.27 -0.1 24 Dec 01:00 3.37 +0.02

Game Prediction

Game Prediction W1(0)
Odds: 1.65

On Monday, it is always challenging to find football events – it is the customary lull in this sport. Therefore, Egypt will become one of the focal points, where concurrently with the Super Cup semi-final, a couple of matches will be played as part of the regular 10th round of the local Premier League. Among them are El Gouna and ENPPI. A preview and forecast for the match on December 25, 2023, have been compiled for the website audience.

El Gouna is navigating the season quite energetically.

"The Gunners" celebrated their twentieth anniversary this year. In 2009, the team made its way into the Premier League but lost its place in the top tier after a couple of years. They managed to return only on the third attempt, and it continued to happen, like a seesaw, for the rest of the time. Once again, they embarked on promotion based on the results of the 2022/2023 season. This time around, the team representing the Red Sea coast is unusually formidable. Although they started off inauspiciously with a couple of draws in the first three rounds, they later found themselves winning more frequently, eventually ascending to the upper part of the table.

ENPPI is one of the mid-tier teams in the country's top division.

The "Oilmen" rightfully carry their nickname. They were established by a company engaged in hydrocarbon extraction. While the team emerged in 1980, it was only more than a couple of decades later, in 2002, that they rose to the top division of the country. Over the subsequent seasons, their achievements amounted to a couple of victories in the national cup. The results in the Premier League are decent but not astronomical. For instance, in the previous campaign, they secured a sixth-place finish in the final league standings. Currently, the team maintains a similar level, evenly splitting between victories and defeats.

Previous Matches

The last two encounters ended in draws. However, these matches were from the 2021/2022 season.

Free prediction for the El Gouna - ENPPI match on December 25:

In such tournaments and concerning teams of a similar caliber, the home-field advantage is always crucial. So, this time, we will wager that the host side will emerge victorious, applying a "zero" handicap for added certainty (odds - 1.65).

Game Prediction W1(0)
Odds: 1.65
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