Birmingham City vs Blackburn Rovers prediction and betting tips on February 13, 2024

Tournament Championship England
Venue St Andrew's Trillion Trophy Stadium (Birmingham)
Game time 13 feb 2024, 14:45
Birmingham City vs Blackburn Rovers prediction and betting tips on February 13, 2024
Birmingham 1 : 0 Blackburn
W1 2.42
1 40% X 26% 2 34%
1 2.42 1xbet 13 Feb 16:45 2.42 +0.12 13 Feb 10:00 2.3 +0.05 13 Feb 07:01 2.25 +0.03 13 Feb 00:00 2.22 -0.01 12 Feb 20:00 2.23 +0.01 12 Feb 01:04 2.22 +0.01 08 Feb 19:04 2.21 -0.11 X 3.69 1xbet 13 Feb 16:45 3.69 -0.03 13 Feb 10:00 3.72 -0.03 13 Feb 07:01 3.75 -0.07 13 Feb 00:00 3.82 +0.04 12 Feb 20:00 3.78 +0.02 12 Feb 01:04 3.76 +0.06 08 Feb 19:04 3.7 +0.05 2 2.89 1xbet 13 Feb 16:45 2.89 +0.02 13 Feb 10:00 2.87 -0.07 13 Feb 07:01 2.94 -0.01 12 Feb 20:00 2.95 -0.03 12 Feb 01:04 2.98 -0.06 08 Feb 19:04 3.04 +0.15

Game Prediction

Game Prediction Blackburn wont lose
Odds: 1.69

It goes without saying that the main event on Tuesday will be the Champions League. Moreover, only the best remain there – the knock-out battles will begin. Still, there will be an alternative in the Foggy Albion: a new round starts in the local Championship. Birmingham City and Blackburn Rovers will be among the first to play. The editorial board of the website has published its version of the prediction for the match on February 13, 2024.

Birmingham City remains at the low level

“The Blues” started the previous decade almost simultaneously winning the League Cup and, once again, being relegated from the Premier League. And they not only couldn’t get there anymore – it quickly turned out that the team’s level was simply a place above the Championship relegation zone. For instance, the previous season brought 17th place. There was a good start after the summer holidays, but then the management became too wise, deciding to remove Eustace from the coaching position in order to invite Rooney. Wayne quickly ruined everything and was naturally fired on New Year’s Day. His players had fallen from 6th place to 20th position by that time. Mowbray, who came instead of the mentor, improved the situation and achieved a couple of victories. Still, then there was a 0-3 defeat in the cup to Leicester and a 0-1 result in the battle against West Bromwich. And even Wednesday, which was at the very bottom of the standings, scored a couple of unanswered goals.

Blackburn Rovers is disappointing right now

“The Vagabonds” showed a much wider range of results than their next opponent. This is the first champion in the Premier League format – and also the only one who fell into the third division of the country after winning the title. Having returned from there, the club began to aspire to promotion to the Premier League, and in order to finally achieve this, they invited Jon Dahl Tomasson, who had proved himself with Malmo. Speaking about the previous season, the team was really unlucky: it lost 6th place to Sunderland (with equal points) due to additional indicators. It seemed that the success could be developed, but no, now the statistics are much worse, and more than half of the matches were lost. And the team finally won in the battle against Stoke City only in the previous round – 3-1.

Previous head-to-head matches

There was a draw a year ago, in January. Still, all other head-to-head matches, including the one in November, were won by “the Vagabonds”.

Free prediction for the match Birmingham City vs Blackburn Rovers on February 13:

“The Blues” will play at the home arena and are therefore the favourite of the following confrontation. We expect that, with such an opponent, “the Vagabonds” will not lose even on the away field (odd: 1.69).

Game Prediction Blackburn wont lose
Odds: 1.69
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Game Prediction
Blackburn wont lose
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