Arosa vs Valencia prediction and betting tips on December 5, 2023

Tournament Copa del Rey Spain
Game time 05 dec 2023, 15:00
Arosa vs Valencia prediction and betting tips on December 5, 2023
Arosa SC 0 : 1 Valencia
W2 1.12
1 5% X 11% 2 84%
1 19.8 1xbet 05 Dec 15:00 19.8 -6.2 05 Dec 07:01 26 +1 05 Dec 06:00 25 +4 X 9 1xbet 05 Dec 13:00 9 +0.3 05 Dec 11:00 8.7 +0.2 05 Dec 07:01 8.5 +0.2 05 Dec 06:00 8.3 +0.4 05 Dec 05:00 7.9 +0.2 2 1.12 1xbet 05 Dec 15:00 1.12 +0.01 05 Dec 13:00 1.11 -0.01 05 Dec 07:01 1.12 -0.01 05 Dec 06:00 1.13 -0.01 05 Dec 05:00 1.14 -0.01

Game prediction

Game prediction W2(-1,5)
Odds: 1.52

We offer our readers a forecast for the match between Arosa and Valencia in the Copa del Rey.

Arosa has never reached great heights

The Spanish club Arosa was founded almost 80 years ago, but the club's highest achievement was reaching the Segunda, from where they were immediately relegated and never returned. Currently, the team is in sixth place in their division, and while there are chances of promotion, stability is clearly lacking. A battle against a representative of the elite is a significant event, regardless of the outcome. Arosa plays with an emphasis on defense, having conceded only seven goals in 13 league matches, although defending against Valencia will undoubtedly be more challenging.

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Valencia is not impressing again

The "Bats" have a rich history, having twice reached the finals of the Champions League, being considered a strong Spanish giant. Times have changed, and now Valencia is not the most formidable mid-table team in La Liga. In the last fixture, the team couldn't withstand the sensational leader Girona away, losing 1-2. The club is currently in ninth place in the league, trailing the top six by a significant 7 points. Under these circumstances, the Copa del Rey could be the main argument to make the season successful.

Free match prediction for Arosa vs. Valencia on December 5th

The opponents have never played against each other before, which is logical, considering the several divisions that separate them. In such cases, two scenarios are possible: in the first, the elite club overwhelms the underdog, and in the second, the provincial team puts up a serious fight against the favorite. Valencia needs to prioritize the Copa del Rey, and for this reason, we have decided to take a bet on the away team's victory with a handicap of -1.5 goals.

Game prediction W2(-1,5)
Odds: 1.52
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