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Who is the favorite to win the Davis Cup?

Dean Hall
Who is the favorite to win the Davis Cup?

The tennis season is approaching its conclusion. We already have the WTA Finals at the finish line, and later this month, we can expect the Davis Cup Finals.

The 2023 Davis Cup Final will take place from November 21st to 26th in Malaga, Spain. Eight national teams are finalists, and bookmakers consider the Serbian national team led by Novak Djokovic as the top favorite. You can place a bet on their victory with odds of 2.25. Next in line is the Italian national team with odds of 3. It's worth noting that the Italian team includes the world's fourth-ranked ATP player, Jannik Sinner. The trio of favorites is rounded out by the national teams of Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom, all with odds of 6.

Following them are the national teams of the Czech Republic (odds 10) and the Netherlands (odds 15). Finland's national team is considered the underdog, with odds of 21 to win.

As a reminder, the current holder of the Davis Cup is the Canadian national team, which triumphed last year.

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