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What is the most popular score in football?

Dean Hall
What is the most popular score in football?

We have analyzed numerous matches in our database and determined the most frequently occurring scores in football this season.

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Predicting the exact score of a match is often considered a challenging task due to the multitude of possibilities. However, by narrowing down the common results, you can significantly increase your chances of making accurate predictions. For even more precise forecasts, study the match statistics of each club.

So, the most common score is 1-1, which concludes 11% of matches. In second place in terms of popularity is the score 1-0 (10.5%), and the third most common result is 2-1 (8.5%). A goalless draw comes next (7.7%), and when it comes to big victories, the most frequently recorded score is 3-0 (4.3% of cases).

Using our information and statistics to predict the final score of a game can be very profitable, but it is not a guarantee of success.