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The scandal involving Italian footballers' wagers. Who are the accused?

The scandal involving Italian footballers' wagers. Who are the accused?

For over a week now, sports websites have been abuzz with discussions regarding the bets made by Italian footballers, with new names frequently surfacing. The initial revelation came from the controversial Italian journalist Fabrizio Corona, with Nicolo Fagioli of Juventus emerging as the primary figure. Later, Tonali and Zaniolo also entered the discourse, sharing a common chat where they deliberated matters.

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At first, it was Tonali, the most prominently discussed figure, who admitted to partaking solely in games of chance. However, several days later, under the pressure of the prosecution, he disclosed that he had placed bets on football matches, even those in which he did not participate. The player also professed to be a compulsive gambler, which led to his exclusion from the national team. He now faces a year-long suspension, casting a shadow over the fans of Newcastle, where he currently plies his trade.

Fagioli received a seven-month suspension but cooperated extensively with the investigation, effectively implicating Tonali, although the final chapter in this tale remains unwritten. The Juventus player is saddled with debts totaling 2.5 million euros, despite earning an annual salary of 1 million euros.

It is worth noting that the fallout from this scandal may also extend to Leonardo Bonucci, a well-known veteran who was not directly involved but was aware of his colleagues' activities, which, too, is punishable. Currently, the footballer represents Union Berlin. It appears that this scandal may cast a pall over the reputations of numerous footballers.