Football 20 oct 2023 at 03:53

Chelsea vs Arsenal, Milan - Juve and other matches. What to watch this weekend?

Chelsea vs Arsenal, Milan - Juve and other matches. What to watch this weekend?

On 21-22 October football fans will definitely not be bored, as there are many interesting battles planned for this weekend. Let's start on Saturday and go through the top leagues.

Liverpool – Everton
21/10 13:30 CET

We could not pass by the Liverpool derby, even though the teams are at different ends of the standings. Liverpool are favourites and play at Anfield, the Toffees will go into this game with a special attitude.

Chelsea – Arsenal
21/10 18:30 CET

The poster speaks for itself, "let" the blues and not in the best shape, and Arsenal shares the lead in the standings. Bookmakers give the "canoniers" a slight edge in the London derby, but Chelsea can respond with three consecutive wins.

Sevilla – Real Madrid
21/10 18:30 CET

We have chosen this encounter because of the status of the clubs, although it is quite obvious that Real are in the best shape right now. Sevilla can "bite" and is able to take points from the leader of the championship.

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Milan – Juventus
22/10 20:45 CET

Without any doubt, the main event of the evening not only in Serie A, but even in football Europe, will play legendary irreconcilable rivals. Milan are slight favourites due to their lead and the home field factor.

Barcelona – Athletic Bilbao
22/10 21:00 CET

The poster may not be the loudest, but this match is definitely worth watching, as the rivals of high level will meet. Barça are favourites on paper, although everyone knows what the Basques are capable of.