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The main favorites of Euro 2024. Who do bookmakers bet on?

Dean Hall
The main favorites of Euro 2024. Who do bookmakers bet on?

The qualifying tournament for Euro 2024 has already concluded. Almost all the participants for the final stage have been determined. 20 teams made it through the qualifying rounds, and the German national team will participate as the tournament's host. The names of three more teams will be known in March next year when the UEFA Nations League play-off matches take place. From March 21st to 26th, 2024, six semifinals will be held, followed by three finals, with the winners completing the list of 24 teams for the final tournament.

Betting Rating offers its readers an insight into who the bookmakers consider favorites and the odds for all the teams to win. Bookmakers prefer France and England. The odds for their victory are 4.7 and 4.8, respectively. Next in line are Germany (7.5), Spain (8), and Portugal (9.5). The odds for the triumph of the current European champions, Italy, stand at 15.

The full list of favorites looks like this:

  • France — 4.7
  • England — 4.8
  • Germany — 7.5
  • Spain — 8
  • Portugal — 9.5
  • Italy — 15
  • Belgium — 16
  • Denmark — 31
  • Croatia — 34
  • Switzerland and Turkey — 55
  • Austria — 60
  • Serbia — 75
  • Hungary, Czech Republic, and Scotland — 80

For all other teams, the odds are over 100. It's worth noting that there's still quite some time and games to go before the tournament, so bookmakers are likely to adjust their odds.

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