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The favorites for the men's sprint race in Oestersund

Dean Hall
The favorites for the men's sprint race in Oestersund

The first stage of the Biathlon World Cup, taking place in the Swedish town of Oestersund, is heading towards the finish line. Athletes have only two races left – the sprint and the pursuit. While we previously introduced you to the favorites in the women's sprint, now RatingBet presents a similar ranking among the men.

The status of the top favorite is once again held by the Norwegian Johannes Thingnes Boe. The odds for his victory are only 1.6. Next is the Swede Sebastian Samuelsson with odds of 5. For the success of other favorites, such as Johannes's older brother Tarjei Boe, another Norwegian Dale, and two Frenchmen Fillon Maillet and Jacquelin, the odds exceed 20.

Here is the full list of the main favorites:

  • Johannes Thingnes Boe - 1.6
  • Sebastian Samuelsson - 5
  • Tarjei Boe - 21
  • Dale, Fillon Maillet, and Jacquelin - 26
  • Kristiansen, Doll, Ponsiluoma, and Legreid - 34
  • Navrat - 41
  • F. Claude, Rees, and Jacоmell - 50
  • Stalder and Strelow - 65
  • Hoefer, Rastorguevs, Nelin, Soerum, and Stremsheim - 80

For the victory of all others, the odds start from 100.

It's worth noting that in this race, athletes will cover a distance of 10 km with two shooting ranges, lying down and standing. The top 60 biathletes with the best times will compete in the pursuit race on Sunday.

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