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Spanish La Liga. Bookmakers named the main favourite for the season

Dean Hall
 Spanish La Liga. Bookmakers named the main favourite for the season

After 13 played matches, the top of the table of the Spanish La Liga unexpectedly saw the modest Girona. The team suffered only one defeat against Real Madrid and has already accumulated 34 points. This result looks truly impressive, considering that last season the Catalan team only garnered 49 points.

Real Madrid is in second place with 32 points. Barcelona has 30, and the Madrid-based Atlético has 28 but has one game in hand and could surpass Barcelona if they win.

The intrigue promises to be serious, and it's very interesting to see how long Girona's enthusiasm will last. Let's figure out who the bookmakers predict to win.

Currently, three main favorites stand out, and Girona is not among them. Bookmakers give odds of 1.63 for Real Madrid's triumph, 3.34 for Barcelona, and 8.4 for Atletico's victory. Only after this trio comes Girona with odds of 19. Intriguing, isn't it? Why not create a Leicester-like fairy tale from eight years ago?

It should be noted that for the success of all other La Liga teams, the odds exceed 100.

The main underdogs and candidates for relegation to La Liga 2 are considered to be the following teams:

  • Almeria — 1.08
  • Granada — 1.3
  • Cadiz — 2.6
  • Celta and Alaves — 2.9
  • Mallorca — 3.2

For a long time in Spanish football, no one has been able to challenge the top three giants - Real, Barca, and Atletico - for the championship. It will be even more interesting to see the final standings of this current tournament.

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