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Points might be deducted from Brazil in the World Cup 2026 qualifiers

Dean Hall
Points might be deducted from Brazil in the World Cup 2026 qualifiers

The Brazilian national team could face point deductions as disciplinary action due to the behavior of fans during the sixth round match of the 2026 World Cup qualifiers. It's worth noting that the match against the Argentine national team, scheduled for the night of November 22-23, was delayed by half an hour due to a mass brawl among fans. Players from both teams approached the stands at the Maracanã stadium trying to calm the spectators, but this didn't prevent the conflict between fans and the police.

Brazilian TV channel Globo reported that FIFA will initiate an investigation into this incident. Article 17 of the organization's Disciplinary Code states that 'host clubs and associations are responsible for order and safety before, during, and after matches.' FIFA President Gianni Infantino has already condemned the disturbances at Maracanã on his Instagram page.

It's noted that the rules don't specify specific punishments for violations, but Globo clarified that the Brazilian Football Confederation could face fines, playing one or several matches without spectators, matches on neutral grounds, or the deduction of points from the Brazilian national team.

Additionally, the Brazilian team currently occupies sixth place. The team under Diniz has collected only seven points in six matches, but there's still plenty of time to improve their position. Interestingly, the sixth position, where the team is currently placed, also grants direct qualification for the World Cup.

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