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New scandal in Greek football

Dean Hall
New scandal in Greek football

The Greek Olympiacos made a statement following the match against Volos. The Piraeus club is clearly unhappy with the refereeing.

It's worth noting that the teams finished the match with 10 players each and played to a 2-2 draw. However, despite the draw, the referees twice disallowed goals for Olympiacos. This led to clashes in the stands, with fans threatening to rush onto the field towards the referees. Police had to use tear gas, inadvertently affecting several players who found themselves in the midst of the events.

"Greek football is governed by a criminal organization. A group of people acting according to mafia standards with the sole aim of destroying Olympiacos.

The state and judicial authorities, who in the past showed special eagerness to allegedly clean up football, even ordering the surveillance of half the players' phones, are absolutely indifferent today. They openly declare that they have no involvement, leaving football in the hands of the black fate imposed upon it by the mafia and semi-state powers.

Congratulations to the Greek police for forcing footballers and fans to run for safety in the locker room," - the Olympiacos statement read.

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