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Munich or Leverkusen? Who is the main favorite to win the Bundesliga?

Dean Hall
Munich or Leverkusen? Who is the main favorite to win the Bundesliga?

There is some serious intrigue in the German Bundesliga this season. Last year, Bayern became champions only in the last round, and then only by a happy coincidence.

This season the situation is even more interesting. The table after 13 rounds is headed by Bayer Leverkusen, which, under the leadership of Xabi Alonso, has a record winning streak in its history. In the last round, Borussia Dortmund managed to stop the “pharmacists”, and RatingBet decided to figure out who the bookmakers consider the main favorite of the season.

You will be surprised, but despite Bayer's success, the main favorite is Bayern Munich, whose odds for victory are only 1.2. You can bet on Leverkusen's triumph with odds of 4.4, but bookmakers do not believe at all in the success of all other teams.

The list of top favorites is as follows:

  • Bayern Munich – 1.2
  • Bayer – 4.4
  • Stuttgart – 50
  • Leipzig – 65

And the success of Borussia and other clubs is assessed by a coefficient of 100.

Bookmakers are confident that the first two lines will be for Bayern and Bayer, between whom the main fight for victory in the Bundesliga will unfold. It will be interesting to see how long Leverkusen's fire lasts, but there are doubts that they will be able to end Bayern's dominance.

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