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Mattress Mike incurred losses amounting to nearly 7 million dollars

Mattress Mike incurred losses amounting to nearly 7 million dollars

In the world of sports betting, there are stars, and we've previously mentioned "Drake" and his significant wagers. Yet, even he takes a step back when it comes to "Mattress Mike," who plays in the big leagues.

Jim Makinngwail, his true identity, has a penchant for placing substantial bets, often turning them into promotions. If his wagers prove successful, he offers substantial discounts on his mattresses or refunds a certain percentage to those who have purchased his products. A successful businessman at the age of 71, he continues to astound with his significant wagers.

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On this occasion, "Mattress Mike" placed his bets on MLB (baseball), specifically on the Houston Astros' championship prospects at various stages of the season.

Prior to the season's commencement, he wagered 1.9 million with odds of 6. At the end of September, when the team was on the brink of missing the playoffs, he wagered 1 million at odds of 11. After their victory over Minnesota in the quarterfinals, he wagered 2 million with odds of 4.5. Later, he placed an additional 2 million with odds of 6. Ultimately,

Houston succumbed to the Arizona Diamondbacks in the semifinals, in a decisive match with a score of 4-11, and the series concluded with a 3-4 victory for the Arizona ballclub. Apparently, his affections for his beloved team clouded his judgment. Thus, "Mattress Mike" found himself bereft of nearly 7 million dollars. Such wagers, however, generate significant publicity for the Makinngwail mattress store network, ensuring that he won't be in a substantial financial deficit.