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Inter may have a new owner

Dean Hall
Inter may have a new owner

According to La Repubblica, former Nokia top manager Thomas Zilliakus intends to send an offer to Inter owners to purchase the club.

After working at Nokia, the Finnish businessman founded the investment company XXI Century Capital. According to Zilliakus, the company has already signed agreements with investors worth $2.5 billion.

“Our investors are not part of the football world. We are convinced that Inter can become an even bigger club than it is now. This is not a criticism of the current management; they have excellent managers and coaches. But our goal will be growth.

The consequence of all this will be the opportunity to acquire leading players and improve an already strong team. The idea would cease to be just a dream,” - the entrepreneur said.

Zilliakus noted that he would like to specialize in creating services for fans around the world to increase revenue and then gain a foothold in the market.

Let us add that Inter is currently the leader in the Italian Serie A.

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