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France destroyed Gibraltar with a double-digit score. What bets played out?

Dean Hall
France destroyed Gibraltar with a double-digit score. What bets played out?

The French national team had quite the show against Gibraltar, thrashing their opponents with a scoreline of 14-0. The game comprised two halves of 7-0, a hat-trick by Mbappé, and a brace by Giroud.

Additionally, the French team set a record for Euro qualifiers - no one has ever won with a margin of 14 goals before. Previously, the record belonged to the German national team, which defeated San Marino with a score of 13-0 in September 2006. For the French, this is their biggest victory in the national team's history (previously a win against Azerbaijan in '95 with a score of 10-0), while for Gibraltar, it's their largest defeat (their previous record was a 9-0 loss to the Belgians). Seven goals per half is also a French record. Before this, the maximum was five - against Iceland in 1957.

Note that the over 13.5 goals, as well as the handicap (-13.5), were valued with extremely high odds of 72.0. Betting on over 12.5 goals was at 51.0, and on 11.5 at 26.0. Betting on Gibraltar's record loss - more than 8.5 goals - had odds of 6.50, while for 10 or more goals, it was 10.0.

In live betting, when the score was 11-0 at the 80th minute, the total of 12.5 goals was at equal odds, and betting on over 13.5 goals could be placed at odds of 3.0. Mbappé's goal and two from Giroud in the last 10 minutes of the match allowed all handicap and total bets available at that time to win.

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