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Found a bank card and decided to gamble on bets

Dean Hall
Found a bank card and decided to gamble on bets

A resident of Samara found someone else's card and decided to try their luck with sports betting. However, now he faces several years in prison.

A 23-year-old woman reported to the police about the loss of her bank card. She noticed the loss when she saw that 25,000 rubles were debited from her account, despite her not making any payments or purchases.

Upon reviewing financial documents, the police discovered that the card was used in various stores and at bookmakers. Surveillance footage from the cameras installed in these establishments revealed the moment of payment, allowing the authorities to identify the perpetrator.

The culprit turned out to be a 51-year-old local resident. Upon apprehension, he confessed that he found someone else's card on the street and decided to indulge himself a bit. The man used the card for groceries, clothing purchases, and placed bets on sports.

A criminal case for theft from a bank account was initiated against the man.

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