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Former Premier League player admits to gambling addiction

Dean Hall
Former Premier League player admits to gambling addiction

Paul Ifill has revealed that he lost nearly $4 million due to gambling addiction.

During his spells at Sheffield United and Crystal Palace, the footballer would wager up to $20,000 a day. Eventually, he was losing more money than he earned, leading to significant debts.

Furthermore, Ifill placed bets on teams he played for, including bets on his own team's victories and his personal goals. Despite these being bets on his team's success, it still constituted a serious breach.

Now 44 years old, Ifill only overcame his gambling addiction six years ago.

Interestingly, during his time at Sheffield United, he shared a room with Northern Ireland star Keith Gillespie, who also struggled deeply with gambling, losing over $14 million throughout his career.

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