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Favorites for the women's sprint in Hochfilzen

Dean Hall
Favorites for the women's sprint in Hochfilzen

The second sprint race of the biathlon season will take place tomorrow, on December 8th. We've previously talked about the favorites in the men's event, and now it's time to discuss the main contenders for victory among the women.

Similar to the men's event, the top favorite for the women's race is a Swedish athlete. Elvira Oeberg has odds of 4 for victory. The success of Franziska Preuss and Ingrid Landmark Tandrevold is rated at 7.1, followed by Elvira's sister, Hanna Oeberg. Only then comes the sprint winner in Oestersund, Lucie Charvatova.

Here is the list of the main favorites:

  • E. Oeberg - 4
  • F. Preuss and I.L. Tandrevold - 7.1
  • H. Oeberg - 9.1
  • L. Jeanmonno and D. Simon - 10.2
  • J. Breza - 11
  • L. Vittozzi - 13
  • K. Knotten, V. Fogt, and D. Arnekleiv - 19
  • M. Davidova - 26
  • D. Wierer - 34
  • A. Lampic - 50
  • L. Persson and M.K. Johansen - 65
  • S. Schneider and S. Show - 80

The women will cover a distance of 7.5 kilometers with two shooting ranges. Following the rules of this discipline, the top 60 athletes will continue their competition in the pursuit race scheduled for Saturday, December 9th.

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