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Cool history of betting in a British family

Dean Hall
Cool history of betting in a British family

In 2013, Dale's grandchildren gave him an away kit of his favorite Swindon team with the inscription "Grandpa" on the back and the number 50, celebrating each year of his life. As a fun gesture, they had already prepared tickets for the upcoming Swindon match against Crewe Alexandra. "We should change the score to 5:0," the jubilee grandpa suggested with a laugh, and his son proposed making a bet.

On the morning before the match, Chris and Dale visited the Paddy Power bookmakers and placed a £10 bet on Swindon winning 5:0. They were willing to part with the £10 as they were going to the stadium to have a good time together. Swindon Town dominated the game, took control, and scored two goals towards the end of the first half. In the second half, the talented Ryan Mason, on loan from Tottenham, took the initiative and scored a hat-trick by the 54th minute, making it 5:0 on the scoreboard, just as if it was in honor of Dale's birthday.

Bet on the score 5:0

Ten years have passed since that match, and the emotions of a pure win of £1000 (with odds at 101.00 for 5:0) were recalled at every family gathering. Therefore, as Dale approached his 60th birthday, there were no other options for a gift – of course, it had to be a bet on Swindon winning 6:0. This time, the opponent was the League 2 underdog, Crawley Town. Chris and Dale didn't make it to the stadium that day, but they doubled their bet. This time, they had £20 at stake, and the Paddy Power bookmakers offered odds of 201.00 for 6:0 in favor of the home team.

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They watched the match at home, and once again, there was no sign of a rout. Swindon Town opened the scoring in the 34th minute and was content with this lead by halftime. However, in the second half, the hosts came out with determination, and the best goal-scorer, Jake Young, scored four goals, making it 5:0 on the scoreboard. With only 20 minutes left until the final whistle, Crawley also showed some attacking spirit. Substituted Swindon winger Tyreece Shade found himself one-on-one with the goalkeeper but missed the opportunity.

Bet on the score 6:0

When the County Ground's stands already echoed with eight added minutes, Chris turned to his father, patting him encouragingly on the shoulder. "It's alright, Chris. It's just a game, we couldn't be lucky forever," Dale replied with a calm smile. Just then, 15 seconds from the end, the Swindon goalkeeper cleared the ball well into the middle of the field. Shade appeared as though he had stumbled on the rebound, twirled around near the penalty area, and powerfully struck from a distance. Father and son, Dale and Chris Maizey, hopefully raised their heads and heard the arena explode with joy – Crawley conceded a sixth goal at the 90+9' mark, and the bet made in celebration of Dale's milestone birthday had paid off for the second time in a row.

Now, they are awaiting Dale Maizey's seventieth birthday in the family.