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China fights scheme traffic

Dean Hall
China fights scheme traffic

31,000 individuals involved in 'scheme trafficking' have been handed over to China by Myanmar authorities in the last three months.

According to a statement by China's Ministry of Public Security, 67 of them fall under the category of 'financiers' and 'leaders'.

The department reports that at least 100,000 to 120,000 'scheme traffickers' are working in approximately 1,000 centers in the northern part of Shan State, Myanmar.

Chinese authorities have stated that they will assist Myanmar authorities by all means to eradicate these 'scheme trafficking centers'.

To clarify, 'scheme trafficking' is a way to redirect traffic to gambling sites. It involves enticing users to employ a prearranged strategy to beat casinos, often through affiliate networks, motivating them to make deposits. This conversion strategy primarily targets gullible individuals seeking quick earnings online.

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