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Brazil plans to legalize sports betting

Dean Hall
Brazil plans to legalize sports betting

Brazil plans to legalize sports betting, but there are disagreements in the Senate regarding the status of online casinos. Due to this, the final vote necessary to approve the launch of a federal sports betting platform has been postponed.

During the recent session of the Federal Senate held on November 29th, a vote on the sports betting bill was scheduled. However, senators couldn't reach an agreement on including online casino gaming in the text of the bill during discussions.

As negotiations reached an impasse, it was decided to postpone the vote. The opposition claims that the terms of the bill don't provide an adequate foundation for regulating online casinos. They also insist on further review, as the current bill has undergone more than 100 changes since its presentation in Congress to the Senate in September.

It's worth noting that Brazil's Finance Minister, Haddad, previously stated that legalizing sports betting could generate over €2 billion in annual tax revenue for the economy.

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