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Bayern - Union Berlin: bet on trends

Dean Hall
 Bayern - Union Berlin: bet on trends

Bayern Munich will host Union Berlin at home on Saturday, December 2nd, as part of the upcoming round of the German Bundesliga. Bet Rating provides its readers with the main trends for this game.

Bookmakers consider the home team, Bayern Munich, as a huge favorite. The odds for this outcome are as low as 1.15. A draw is evaluated at odds of 10, while a victory for the guests, Union Berlin, can be bet on with odds of 19.

  • A Bayern Munich victory in the first half has odds of 1.43. Bayern Munich has won in the first half in three out of their last four home matches against Union Berlin.
  • The total number of yellow cards being less than 3.5 has odds of 1.55. Seven of the previous home matches for the Munich team concluded with fewer than 4 yellow cards.
  • The total number of corners being more than 8.5 has odds of 1.42. Six out of the last seven home matches for Bayern Munich ended with more than 8 corners.

The hosts are chasing the leading team, Bayer Leverkusen, while Union Berlin has different objectives. Following the resignation of their head coach, the capital's team continues to seek their game. Although the number of defeats has decreased, they are still unable to secure wins. In this game, Union Berlin is unlikely to be aiming for points.

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