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Australian lost $1.5 billion in 14 months

Dean Hall
 Australian lost $1.5 billion in 14 months

Harry Сaсavas is known for setting a record in the speed of losing money.

He made his fortune in real estate sales in Australia but developed a strong inclination towards gambling and has lost an astonishing amount of money.

Considered a "high roller," he managed to lose $1.5 billion in just 14 months. In 2006, he lost $164 million in a five-hour gambling session, setting a record for the fastest loss. Additionally, during a single trip to Macau, Harry spent $4 million on gambling.

Once after a loss, Сaсavas attempted to recover $20.5 million from the casino, claiming they had knowledge of his addiction but didn't take action. He didn't win the case, and even his appeal was unsuccessful.

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